Azurde Performing live at THEE INGREDIENT (Video) X S.P.A.C.E.

Peace Powerful People! We are busy pushing out tons of videos from our last few events! This Saturday we do have an event scheduled. Please check the event section for more. We will post videos from this saturdays event as well. Ladies and gentlemen, this woman is a vocalist by the name of Azurde. She is a phenomenial Woman. She is a blessing every time she comes through and drops plenty on the Mic! Press play, and see for yourself. ONLY THE PURE INTENTIONS on the Street Poets Den; suckah free lifestyle is how we livin.
The new season is quickly approaching and we are dropping the info for the next #TheeOpenMic session on September 30th! Check out this video from the last event, and we have more videos on the way. Shout Outs to Hrsh Reyalitee
If you want to get in contact with this Poet, let us know! We will get you his details asap! We will also make them available here as soon as possible. Peace. Support.


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