Tourist in Washington Heights Airbnb Horrified by Street Dancing, ‘Spanish Hip-Hop'(

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS, NY — Get ready for your daily dose of ignorance.
The Original Angry Tourist: Message:
A tourist staying in an Airbnb room in Washington Heights took to Reddit early Friday morning to unleash an obscene, stream-of-consciousness rant about the “EXTREMELY LOUD” street scene below.
“Decided to come NYC on vacation and didn’t know much about the neighborhoods,” Reddit user askinguy wrote on the Ask NYC vertical. “Ended up coming to washington heights, and boy do I regret!!!”
The angry tourist is having issues, he says, with a group of residents who congregate outside his building and listen to “spanish hiphop” late into the night. Unable to sleep, he says he “peeked thru the window” to survey the scene — only to find on four people dancing and drinking in the street. “AND SINGING TOO!!!!!”
Pro tip for askinguy: Don’t spy on locals through your window. It’s creepy.
And second, if you’re going to stay in someone else’s neighborhood, do your research. Washington Heights gets very loud, very late — that’s one of the reasons to love it. Want peace and quiet? Try the Upper East Side. Or the majority of gentrified Brooklyn.
In an update to his post later Friday, Askinguy unleashed even more wrath on the neighborhood after googling some police crime stats. (FACTS!)
Luckily, not everyone on the Ask NYC subreddit is as ignorant as Askinguy. In only a few hours, the post has generated a ton of backlash — 54 comments, as of this writing. Most of them cut Askinguy down to size.
“You decided to stay in a Dominican neighborhood with the character you’re describing but you’re complaining about the community’s way of life,” one Redditor wrote. “You’re not some white saviour who needs to help people escape the noise but you seem to think that the community is too incompetent to do anything themselves. Lucky for them you’re only there for ten days.”

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