Why I Learned to Stop Counting Who Doesn’t Show Up and Valuing Those That Do

Peace, Powerful People! I really want to share a article with you that touched me and reconfirmed some very important details in my life. Living in the present is far more important than anything else. She also mentioned fear in the article that I have below that I want you to check out. Fear is a big part of the article, and if you are living in the right now than fear should be very expensive to us! It should cost us a lot to be afraid when we have things in front of us right now, that need our attention.  The manner in which the writer lead us to self love was very important. When we love ourselves, and have history to fall back on, we have no time to waste. It’s life that needs our attention and right away! When we live in the present we are healthier, more aware, and also we are more appreciative of the people around us. Now, living in New York City in 2016 doesn’t exactly scream appreciating the people around us. Why is that? I am a firm believer that the issues that we deal with are stemming from the food that we eat; without a doubt. However, I also believe that we set rules are regulations for our children and our organizations, and loved ones however on what grounds? Or in other words, Why? We really don’t follow up with a strong history to give to our children, organizations, and more. So we tell each other that we should be good for the hell of it. Having history is important. Having history that we can agree with, and refer to is important. I believe that having history that we believe in to refer to would be able to close the gaps, and lessen the lack of appreciation that we see in theeessseee Streets! Anyhow, read the article…be enlightened, and feel free to leave your comments below. -The Street Blogger 
To read the article I am referring to, please click here
This awesome article at the link above was found on WhoIsAmberJanae.com


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