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African prints are not from Africa: blackgirllonghair.com. So when I read this article that a colleague of mine shared; Tamara Hayes…it made think about how often we are confused and mislead by our own culture here in America. I am not claiming the culture displayed in the …(click for more)



Why Are Black Women Blamed: By, Collier Meyerson A sad, predictable thing happened: A video of an officer assaulting a young black girl went viral, and people who should know better blamed it on the girl. After an initial wave of righteous outrage swept the …(click for more)


K. Michelle & Ass: So, I want to address this K. Michelle interview. She made a lot of great points. The greatest point that she made was, don’t be stupid like she was. At first she wanted a body she didn’t have, and now … (click for more)


These 7 Household Names Make a Killing Off of the Prison-Industrial Complex: Written by: Kelley Davidson Once slavery was abolished in 1865, manufacturers scrambled to find other sources of cheap labor—and because the 13th amendment banned slavery (except as punishment for crimes), they didn’t have to look too far. Prisons and big … (click for more)