‘It’s dark outside like my Mother’ -Taylor Steele (Video)

Peace Powerful People! 

I had a terrible time trying to work on some videos this morning. So I decided to take a break and share a video of a poem that I have grown to praise with all my might! Also, I want you all to know we have a chance to get together very soon. This video is coming to us from Button Poetry. There is a beautiful description below of the young Woman, Taylor Steele. There is a BBQ going down on Saturday August 13th 2016 in Brooklyn, NY. As you know Brooklyn is famous fir backyard BBQ’s in the summer months, and we the inside on where you can come and get busy with fun. So until then, practice your poems, rehearse your raps, and I will see you sooner than later. 

Taylor Steele has recently received her BA from The New School University, graduating with Departmental Honors in Cultural and Screen Studies. As a born urbanite, she can’t help but be a product of corner stores, open fire hydrants, and concrete playgrounds. But having spent most of her adolescent and teenage years on the Upper West and East sides of New York, she has learned the language of code switching and the art of making a dollar stretch. Through such malleability, she makes it her business to write about politics of the body, especially in regards to race, class, gender, and love and self-actualization.

Between screenplays—which she has written under the tutelage of such illustrious screenwriters and filmmakers as Laurie Collyer (Sherrybaby) and Caveh Zahedi (The Sheik and I)—and poetry, she cannot keep her hands off a keyboard or away from a pen. As a spoken word artist, Taylor has competed on both a national and local level, including the 2015 Women of the World Poetry Slam where she placed 5th.


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