Organic Foods! Good Move or Good Marketing. What to eat?!

Today is July 10, 2016 and I am a blogger who woke up with a confession on her heart.

I Love to eat, there I said it! This small sentence can turn into a big personal confession when you can admit you are eating all of the wrong things. Now don’t get the Street Blogger wrong, baby. I do not make frequent visits to my local bodega anymore, and loading up on juice and soda was a thing of the past soon as I turned 18. 

However, Now that eating better is a trend it leaves me with tons of organic options and I don’t want to be tricked by great marketing. In the black and brown community there are alternatives when it comes to eating and some are and some aren’t affordable! So what can I trust and what can not be trusted whatsoever?

We shouldn’t be surprised to find out that the bulk of fuel that our bodies uses  from our food. This is NOT because food is our greatest source of energy because it is not.

So, I was having this “I Love Eating foods that say organic but I’m not sure if it’s a lie” lifestyle for sometime. This was until I learned the power of regular fruits and veggies that don’t get roasted or toasted or heated. Processed food, meat, dairy, oils, and eggs all cause mucus. Mucus brings disease. Get rid of mucus, you get rid of diseases.

I came to understand more about the marketing of food and realized it is true that people are in the business of making money even when your health is on the line!

I surely makes you question the purpose of money. So maybe you should stop buying boxed goods in the name of good health and more so entertainment? Yes. Everything you need to survive can and will only be found in nature

As a brown person, I do not reject the knowledge from our white brothers and sisters. I understand we are different but I respect the function of us all. So please watch the video below that I came across to help us figure what is organic, and what is just great marketing. You will notice that the best stuff doesn’t come in a box.

Let me know what you’d like to see me talk about as far as Poetry, health, hip  fashion, etc., by emailing me at!

– The Street Blogger


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