New To Brooklyn: A Garden Museum of Poetry & Literature in Bedstuy

‘The opening of a new Garden Museum of Poetry & Literature in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn.’ Doesn’t that headline sound like something we all need to see to preserve the beautiful neighborhood that is our Brooklyn, USA? 

Right now, Hrsh Reyalitee, the Poet also known as Shadel, in the Brooklyn borough meetings; is working to turn a city lot into a Garden Museum with help. Now, besides the poetry this space has the potential to deliver Kemetic Yoga, and Meditation of all sorts for free to the neighborhood. Let’s keep in mind the change Brooklyn is facing due to rent hikes in various neighborhoods including Bedford Stuyvesant (Bed-Stuy). If this lot is not changed into a garden space, it will simply become a Condo. Now if you would like to know  the future rent of this future condo. We have done the research, please see the explanation below in the image of the lot. 


How possible is this garden? How fast can you send a email of support to a Poet to plant flowers? Email “I Support the Garden Creation on the lot in Bedstuy on Chauncey St. & Malcolm X. Blvd.” to Hrsh Reyalitee at, and do something for the neighborhood today, that not everyone will make time for. 





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