Good Morning Powerful People, I come with news. There is a show happening in D.C. at The madison house and this show will be focused on the elevation of the mind and spirit with a heavy emphasis on the herbal libation bar. The Madison House is known for bringing Artist together to heal on many levels. Some and most levels that do not require a libation bar; although it is very, very nice.  Hrsh Reyalitee has been plenty of traveling lately, and I am the one to do the impossible, and keep up. If you plan on being in the D.C. area in about 2 weeks, know people in the D.C. area, or just want to see a dope flyer. Check out the dope flyer. Hrsh Reyalitee will be hosting this event and as you can is plans to be a very interesting evening. If you would like more information on this event, please just leave a comment below!

Analyzing  the public preservation of the First Amendment in New York City, the evolving revolution that is Street Performance and the African influence.



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