She Real Talk keeping them open. Music.

Peace Powerful People!

As you know it is I, the Street Blogger. It has been a very busy morning, I am already ready for more fruit. I have been putting together some health tips. See, I can not teach you. I can only share with you the information I have been seeking after and have come across.

Besides me going on a health craze, because I am trying to fit into a dress for my best friends wedding (that I am so excited about)! I am planning a few special things with my creative friends, and  I am so excited for all of us to start rolling out the experiences!

Now, there is nothing better than hearing some real music from a real who actual has something entertaining, if it is going to be for the sake of good, fun music. The beat is pretty cool, if she didn’t attack the track the way she did, I don’t know if I’d feel the same about the beat itself. However, she road this beat baby. She did that! However, enjoy. She is a emcee and her name is SheRealTalk. Happy Thursday! 

I only post music I like, I never post music I do not like. Please send in your music to with ‘Street Blogger’ in the subject. Peace.

SheRealTalk official website

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