Nuew Nuew: A Short Film on Gentrification in NYC X Pugh Productions

Good Morning Powerful People! 

Today’s post is about a short film that is going to summon 25 minutes of your time. So if you do not have that time, bookmark this page and come check this out during common hour, but start watching it as soon as you leave class, it’s worth it.

Peace to the Brothers at Pugh Productions that made this video happen. I salute them, and their team. These Brothers need to know just as well as our Sisters, that we are supportive, and really f#&king with the visuals! Now, this short film that Pugh Productions  outlines what Gentrification is for us, on a level that we can understand. We must understand that there are more layers to it and we are learning and understanding. However, you first have to understand not only how it affects you, but that you are not alone. You are also not at a standstill in this matter. The daily motions of positivity and the preservation of your own traditions matter.

Not only did I spend some of my morning tea time watching this short film, I checked out their other short film “Skin Deep”, and that was actually pretty dope as well. Embracing the beauty of a Woman with and without make up, just learning to love a Woman for being Her. It was much shorter than the other and I did want more. I hope they are working on that, and I do want to see more from this production.

Here is the short film:


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