Januarie York X Black Magic – (Poetry)

Peace Powerful People! It is the Street Blogger here hoping all is well with you on your side of the internet. Poets that I admire have been compiled to a list, and the list wouldn’t be complete without Januarie York. This Woman reminds Woman like me that I am allowed to breath safely so I can protect, love, and bring forth sons and daughters. Enjoy this poetry that she created. Enjoy. Follow her on her blog by clicking here

Black women are dissected. DAILY.

Like living science projects.

And everyone is the student. Everyone has a lab coat. Everyone has utensils. Everyone is ready to cut her.

But few are ready to give her Love.

Tell me why I wouldn’t be 
defensive ? 
when my toes get picked apart when I sandal into the room 
when I saunter in my dresses, 
I hear the people say I stopped the flowers from their bloom
Because I am too dark
when my weight is thick and ripe 
they say I fill out the cotton too much
i shouldn’t be wearing it, i should be back picking 
I hear them snicker when I walk past 
cat calling and ogling 
falling out of windows and blowing car horns
never mind if that scares me out of my thoughts 
harassing me in my jeans 
because they fit tighter than the white girls 
Suddenly my rear is their is their new beginning 
they talk to me
like i don’t hear 
like i don’t need to hear 
Positive reinforcement 
love and respect
he said he could stand behind me all day long 
I wondered if even knew what secrets my face held 
Nevermind my degrees or my affinity for the community

Tell me again why wouldn’t i be

I am the football, grabbed and ran with 
they touch me down and hope to score
they don’t want to kiss me 
they just want to **** me and call me whore 
snore on my bed pillows and leave the door open when they leave….
i am a heart on an imaginary sleeve for an amputee’s arm 
dying to beat 
Living to keep myself calm and Queen, 
Crown and thorned
Flawed and magnificent 
They’d eat me for breakfast if i laid on their plate

tell me again
why wouldn’t I be 

-Januarie York


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