Help Street Poets NYC get an Art Gallery by May 15, 2016!



Please read below, scroll all the way down, and feel free to see MORE pictures, and video on our home page in the menu at top of the page. Thank you in advance for your donation.

Hello! I am Hrsh Reyalitee the Poet with Street Poets Artistry Collective. I am raising money with my collective to buy our very own Art Gallery. Now Of course, we have done some work of our own, there is a lot of work and money required to make this happen so our diligence and commitment to this has been lasting and strong and  now we need your help!

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.26.30 AM
Is in the Humans of New York book

The money will be used as a partial payment, so that we can lock in the space! The gallery will be in Brooklyn, New York. We need the partial payment by May 15st.

Your contribution would mean the world to me, and I say that on behave of my collective members. This is due to the connections we have. We are family, friends, or more than likely attended Hofstra University together. If you do not find yourself in one of those categories we still have that connection! 

In My Living Room.

See, we have met on several occasions, you’ve probably seen myself or collective members performing in your high school for the students, riding the subways of NYC performing poetry, or at your favorite lounge or event hall performing on stage. There is a high chance that you’ve seen us performing at our 5 year running show that started in my living room, the Street Poets Den! 

Your contribution means giving the Street Poets Den a permanent home, and the community another station to provide to the people in its surrounding art via Poetry and Visual Arts. 

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 8.53.03 PM

Speaking for myself, I know how hard and rewarding it has been over these past 5 years when this journey began. I lost my job at the time and starting performing on the train that same afternoon on my home to figure it all out! It was amazing, and I haven’t stopped since. I combined schooling with my God given talent and decided to live my dream. I would be more than grateful for this, and for that every name would be noted, and published at the gallery for all to see who helped me make my dream come true. Peace and thank you.

To help us click below:


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