5 Tips To Overcome Stage Fright.

Peace Peace Yall!

This post is for all Artists, not only Poets! We all must conquer our stage fright so we can convey our poetry to our audience in a manner that reflects how the words touch have first touched us.

So here are 5 tips to bring an end to stage fright, so you can embody your work and give the performance worth the moment. If you are interested in rehearsing  with us please email HRSH at hrshreyalitee@streetpoetsnyc.com and check out the flyer below for details about our next event:

  1. Be Invested In Your Work! If you believe in your Poem/Piece it will give you all the validation you need. Its best to not question the words that you write but instead question how you deliver! Is it dope to you? Are you excited about it for you?
  2. Think about your audience! Some would say try and block out your audience. That seems pretty silly as you are an Artist! It is your duty to connect with the people. So remember your audience is interested in your work. They expect you to be you! Often we think the audience has expectations. Really, they only expect you to share yourself- whatever and whoever you are. So why keep you from them?
  3. Don’t tell people you’re nervous! The things we say are true because we are saying them. So say things that you want to be true. Speak to your subconscious mind, because the things you mean are what you produce. Whatever you give energy and meaning to via your words. 
  4. Move around, but don’t fidget! The space on stage is yours. So do not feel restricted to one area. When you relax, and one yourself up you can perform better. Keeping your hands down and focusing on not moving a sure way to not focus on your piece or poem. Let it flow!
  5. Slow down! Ask yourself what reason you have for rushing.

I hope these 5 tips will help you overcome your stage fright and bring the best out of your performance. Most importantly build confidence. –HRSH

Photo Credit: Jon Cassill



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