April 29 – JASMINE MANS + Special Guest: I.S. Jones

Performing as a Special Guest on Friday, April 29th at 87 4th Ave. Brooklyn, NY:

I.S. JONES: A young Poet, Writer and Author. She has written for blogs like Upcoming Hip Hop and others. She can be found writing or performing at various lounges and events in NYC. She is a Woman who writes poems filled with words that seem to have been organized to change your mind. Not change your mind – but remind you that what you had in mind to beautify the bricks you are going to lay…was already written. Her words have personally brought me to reconsider walking in the rai . When I hear her words during a dark hour. I.S. Jones calls my tears to dance down windon pains to get away from my own. It is a pleasure to introduce I.S. Jones. She is no stranger to the den. I hope she shares her 30/30 National Poetry Month challenge with us all when shes done. I guess we will have to wait til the show to find out. Click the link below to get more on I.S. Jones and get ready for her to WIN on April 29th. Click here for more on this Poet.


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