#TheeBreakThrough X March 25th 2016


Ladies and Gentlemen, it is almost time to discuss, the monthly meet up. Please email rsvp@StreetPoetsNYC.com to get more information about how to hit #TheeOpenMic. Peace, Powerful People. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive, we have to remember to not let the realities of other people alter our own. We are independent from the issues and problems of other people. We are Powerful and prepared for the dreams that we have and that we work towards! You are free if you say you are free. Not all of us are free, and it is important to encourage each other but remember to not take on the burdens of others. Be free and introduce others to Freedom! – The Street Blogger 


$10 Admission

#TheeOpenDiscussion 7p – 8p

#TheeOPenMic sign ups end at 8pm

Fish & Chips

Free Drinks All Night

#TheeBreakThrough begins at 10pm


Live Art by A.J. Kellie

Trippy Treats & Boozy Cakes

#TheeBreakThrough begins at 10pm

7pm – 12 midnight



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