E Dot Nigma X Good Mornin’ (New Music)

“She gon pray for me and after make a plate for me” – E. Nigma

The above line can be found on the S.O.S (Some Other Shit) track from E. Nigma. Honestly, his artistry is exactly what music needs. Usually people say his sound is “What music is missing”, but I believe we are here, we have arrived, I believe he is just like me as far as not seeking validation from mainstream society and awards. His sound is the essence of Hip Hop. I’ve been following E. Nigma for some time, he has also appeared at #TheeOpenMic as a feature in Brooklyn, New York.

He is still dropping music non stop and all of his work is legitimate and worth listening to. He isn’t just following the script of tight beats and handcuffs for lyrics. Actually he is bringing the vibe that many aware artists of our time are trying to copy and can’t nail. He clearly introduces the sound as his own and brings it with ease. He isn’t following in the footsteps of anyone. I believe he is channelling the spirits of the Hip Hop ancestors and dropping heat on N#@$@& nonstop and this is what it is about. When you listen to the track remember it’s not only because his music is dope and he has rhythm and rhyme but also he isn’t a babbling idiot talking about everything that degrades women and supports patriarchy and capitalism. “A King needs a Queen so I drop hoes”, need I say more? Change your playlist and tune in. 



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