About Our Keynote Speaker: Quindell Evans (January 29th 2016)

Peace Powerful People!

Thank you again for joining me here for a episode of giving you moor! Seriously, his name is Quindell Evans and this brother will our keynote speaker for the night at THEE OPEN DISCUSSION: Talk & Revival Vol. 1. A biography is presented as proof of credibility. This way you understand the written background of the person speaking to you and bringing you words as a keynote leading us in a talk about Alkalinity.


Bio: From Mitchell Projects, South Bronx to Brownsville, Brooklyn, Quindell was raised in an era of family value & fun, enjoying childhood games such as skelly, cocolivio, manhunt, suicide handball, bombs away, red light/green light, blind man bluff, spit, etc, Quindell strives to reciprocate his background culture into this modern more technological age so that we can stay kept & close as a people.


Throughout high school at Teachers Prep in Brownsville, Quindell participated in the Arts Centered Program only offered to “honor students” at the time where Quindell began exploring theatre & performing arts, By graduation, Quindell had acted in 2 off broadway plays alongside Women’s Project, performed a few choreographed dances (including labbing with Nu Era, Main Eventt & Collateral Damage) stand up comedy & excitingly a poetry performance turned funny speech at graduation.

In college, Quindell changed his major 3 times, from Journalism to Education to English, & spent most of his extracurricular time exploring the performance arts. Before graduation, Quindell had served on a few executive boards, won over 10 pageants, one being Homecoming King, choreographed for 2 dance teams, pledged Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, inc. where he won a few step & stroll competitions with the Beta Iota chapter.

Following college, Quindell teaches poetry workshops at a few schools, community centers, libraries, prisons, shelters, & various other venues to children & adults of all ages, working alongside programs including:

We look forward to hearing from Quindell on Friday Juanary 29th 2016. Live in the Street Poets Den 1094 Broadway Brooklyn, New York, and for full details click here! 

Street Poets NYC - Aug ©Tamara B Hayes
Street Poets NYC – Aug ©Tamara B Hayes

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