Happy New Year X Thee Open Discussion Jan. 29th 2015

Announcement: On Friday January 29th 2016
Street Poets Artistry Collective presents
THEE OPEN DISCUSSION: Talk & Revival Vol 1.
Hosted By: Hrsh Reyalitee & Legacee
Topic: Alkalinity Mind, Diet, & Soul
KeyNote Speaker: 
Q&A/Open Floor Emcee: Supe The Dude
Featured Artist: Danny Severance & The Pink Slips (Band)
1094 Broadway Brooklyn, New York 7pm-12am
$10 Admission
Kenuti Jam at 12:05a
Fried Fish & Chips
Bond Fire
Live Art By A.J.
 #TheeOpenMic sign ups over at 8pm (Get there early and sign up)
Street Poets NYC - Aug ©Tamara B Hayes
Street Poets NYC – ©Tamara B Hayes

Peace to the family for helping this come together (#FBMTSociety):

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As you know since 2011, we have brought #TheeOpenDiscussion and made it a small part of our event, and now we are bringing the talk to the forefront with #Talk&Revival and the mission of Thee Open Discussion Talk & Revival is to connect the Artist within the community with the Community Leaders.
Every month we will bring you a different topic and a different speaker/lecturer some you may know and some you will meet. This is a solution based discussion and please believe it’s going down. We are interested in working with other collectives and organizations to share and organize more information so we can deliver it to the people, as well as include our finding in our art. This is real rap.
     We have a responsibility as artist to use our Art to rebuild our community and through this talk we plan to assist the community in doing just that. This month the topic will be: Alkalinity.
     You may have heard of this topic and may have not. We will give you loads of information via our speaker and his presentations. We will not be promoting the topic, so please understand that you will not get this information any where else. So do some research about the topic and come to the show. We have Quindell Evans as our speaker for the evening, followed by an Q&A instructed by Supe The Dude and as we all know this is when it goes down. He will be bringing a presentation on the topic and we discuss and find ways to improve ourselves so that we can operate our vehicles at an optimum level to get the best results for all of us because we are all connected.

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     Poetry, Music, and Art are apart of our core. It is apart of our every days lives as Indigo Children. Indigo Beings. Powerful People. So #TheeOpenMic will have a special part of the night. Poets Hrsh Reyalitee, and Legacee will be performing together after 4 years. They have reunited as Sisters and are enjoying the Love of Poetry, and sharing it with each other. The two Women as the founders of this very Collective. Poet, Supe The Dude also known as Supah will be perforning with his band #ThyDad. Danny Severance will be landing in NYC the day of from California with his band to come and bless us. Much Love to management Kevin Davis and Black Dangerfield, he will be in the building also. We also have a host of Poets coming out to bless the mic and join in on the discussion.
Every month we have an overwhelming response to thee open mic list. So in 2016, we want Artists to be prepared for their Open Mic performance appearances and get the support for their products and projects that they deserve. So this year, you need to get to The Street Poets Den before 8p if you want to sign up for our #TheeOpenMic portion of the show. Facts. There will be no sign ups after 8pm. Peace to #THEEOPENMIC please check out the hashtags to see all of the transformations of the series. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is #TheeOpenDiscussion: Talk & Revival 
If You are interested in vending for future talk events please email rsvp@Streetpoetsnyc.com with VENDOR in subject.
If you are an Artist interested in Featuring this event, you must audition the compensation is over $99.00 for your feature. We Feature Poets & Bands of all kinds. please email fbmt@streetpoetsnyc.com with AUDITION in the subject. Thank You.


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