New Release from #ThyDad X Brooklyn, NY

Peace Peace Powerful People

I hope all is well Powerful People! See, the best part about moving to a higher plan is the view. #ThyDad has dropped a new single earlier this week. The song is self explanatory, and they (the band) have dubbed this track their mission statement. Yes, as you know #ThyDad is a band with band leader Supe The Dude. 

We sat down with Supe The Dude and asked him what he thought about  Black People and Politics. (As far as, our involvement in politics. Should we be involved considering the fact the it was established during an era where black people where not considered human beings and the texts has not been changed since we have been considered)

We should learn how to govern ourselves. I am all for the people operating as a government, but it starts with accountability. Taking responsibility for their own actions.

Street Poets NYC - Aug ©Tamara B Hayes
Street Poets NYC – Aug ©Tamara B Hayes




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