Black-Owned Businesses

Peace Powerful People. I hope all is well where you are as it is where I am. It’s the Street blogger coming to you very live and very directly. I very big shout out to as well. They are very dope as far as their website, I use it all the time. 

Lately I’ve….really been taking the time to get my s*** together, Girl Yes. No, I do not mean financially, I am blessed for the time being because things change in a blink of an eye and I mean from good to greater. However, when I mean get my s*** together, I mean my Mind, Diet, and Soul.

Everything looks fine and good until you see the word diet. To all of my intellectuals reading out there – and you know who you are, much peace. Please do not misinterpret the word. I do not mean diet in the sense of losing weight. I do not mean losing weight for the purpose of health or  physical human vehicle aesthetics, none of these things by a long shot. I mean your lifestyle of food for the betterment of your spiritual alignment. See, when we are born we are complete and whole and new like everything with that characteristic as it stands by itself. Through different instruments, we develop problems, and diseases, and ailments because of what we put in our bodies. What do we put in our bodies? Well, plenty of things but for the majority of the time…it’s food.

Street Poets NYC - Aug ©Tamara B Hayes
Street Poets NYC – Aug ©Tamara B Hayes – Our Next Event is going down on January 29th 2016. Spread the word. 

As I am making myself more knowledgeable and aware and myself along with the Street Poets; still shaking up Brooklyn by the way, are developing ways to get this lifestyle of eating to the people and we are seeing success.

(Just to shift a bit, A part of this betterment of myself I have noticed that I am seeing changes in the scenarios around me by default, and without force.)

A part of getting my shit together I find myself more aware of my lasting interest in my culture and I am present in needing to share more! Music is life but…so is food. Peace People. 

Here is a list of 100 Black-owned Restaurants brought to us by Please join me on this food lifestyle journey. Check them out and share your experiences! Peace. 

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