‘You Educate A Man’

You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a womanyou educate a generation.”

– African Proverb

Understand how important you are black women, civilization started from your womb.

All the great men and great women came from you. With great power comes great responsibility; if we have negative perceptions about ourselves, we will continue to perpetuate this into the next generation.

Please take a moment and check out blackmenwomenexperience.wordpress.com

When I came across this post on the BlackMenWomen website, it made me think about a great video I watched that was produced by a black man. He mentioned how it is important for the Black Woman to first please herself because…no matter what she likes; as long it uplifts the Nations, will be loved and adored. First she must STOP keeping up with the needs of society, and the needs of any men. First she must adore the Crown that sits on her Head, and create the throne of Grace and Mercy. Black Woman, It’s time for you to understand what the Black Man means when he says ‘Know Your Place’. Your place is where you are. You are already the leader. You already worshipped or hated. Learn Your Power, and lead us to the promise land and stop playing.

Poems Coming Soon. Stay tuned. -Street Blogger 

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