Janette Mcghee X I agreed to the wait.

Peace Powerful People. I am not one to say I am a follower of any particular religion. How ever I can relate to the undeniable feeling of super natural power that can only be felt..not touched. I came acroos this beautiful poem composed by a Black Woman. She is coming from the point of a Christian. A devote Christian spreading the word of Love. Take heed to some of the things she will refer to. Again I will say, I am not a follower of any religion. I believe in Me, and I believe in you. I believe my Mother my first connection to Love and Sadness when she felt she had to tell me no. Anyhow. Enjoy. Peace. Check the events tab. Click it. -Street Blogger

I know what your thinking, didn’t she….

Yes this is the same Woman who did the Poem in the FOLLOWING viral video. 

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