K. Michelle & Ass

So, I want to address this K. Michelle interview. She made a lot of great points. The greatest point that she made was, don’t be stupid like she was. At first she wanted a body she didn’t have, and now that she sees the attention it brings she wants to go back to her normal look because her assets didn’t bring the attention that a Woman wants when she is trying to be taken seriously.

Now, you can be taken seriously with a big ass butt. Yes, you can! However, it’s hard to take you seriously when it seems like you bought a butt because you wanted to look good, and feel good about yourself ( via this new butt) and keep up with the latest trends. You can’t keep up with the latest surgery trends and want the same things as someone who doesn’t need that validation.

That doesn’t seem fair to the Women who love themselves out the gate, correct?

It is important to tell the truth and I don’t think K. Michelle did that. If I put on Make up with a outfit it’s because I think my face would look better in this outfit with make up and a specific shade so you to a TEMPORARY fix. She wanted hr butt t be different, she cleaerly didn’t accept it as it was. She mentioned moving fat from parts of her body to put it on her hips? We have to teach self love by breaking down the reasons why these these happen. She mentions if you have the coin to do it, have the coin to un do it. What if you have love for yourself?



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