A Light In The Sky Over Los Angelos and West Coast

So, here is the story! Last night in L.A. and all surrounding areas. People were ready with their phones to capture some really strange action going on in the sky! At the time no one knew what it was, people weren’t sure where it was coming from or what it was about. Some footage can be found below of what the folks in California were seeing. As ou’ll see their reactions were nothing less than shock, and amazement. So, here is some footage of what our fellow Human folk saw in the sky LAST NIGHT over L.A (California) and surrounding areas as I mentioned. If you scroll down more you will find a third video of a actual missle launch from a military base. The news reported that the sight you are about to see was from a missile coming from a military base. Stay abreast to what is happening in your backyard, and your neighbors yard. You are only a fence away:

Pretty Freaky Right? Wtf is that? And it was reported on the news! They confirmed on the news that It was a rocket from a Air Force Base being launched. So, I wanted to find a video from a base and watch it being launched to compare. I found a video check that out below. Peace.


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