Suli Breaks

I can relate to this piece as a member of the millennial generation. We have been told to go in every direction except the one that makes the most sense to us. I appreciate a fellow millennial reiterating this for us so we can feel more comfortable in our decisions to go against the mold of society.

I want you to play close attention to what Suli mentioned as far as our parents are concerned. We often find ourselves rebelling against their views and this caused walls between family, and it furthers the generational gap. I challenge you as I myself, to stop criticizing our families, and parents with the passive excuse of “They Don’t Understand”.  Of course they don’t! The same processes that we are trying to break free from them are they same ones that brought our parents to their inability to embrace the letting go of societal norms. Everything we want out of has been all our families have known. Find a way to understand this and not reject their misunderstanding. The way we are awakening our friends and fellow peers. Lets begin to set our parents free.

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