Street Poets NYC X BLKWALST X Open Bar X Smoking Section X Thee Open Mic

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Thee Open Mic is going down on Friday, August 28th, 2015. We had to cancel the July 31st show unfortunately. During the June show we had a live band come through and kill at the packed out show. So for the August show we are really going to be vibing out and bringing an electrifying experience as usual. Thee Open Mic has been a safe space where the dopest indie Poets/Artists come and continue to find their position to be local super Nova’s and create impacts through their work! We’ve been doing this show for years now. So no, we aren’t new to this, and Yes we are Artist ourselves and we believe this makes the experience that much more intimate. Heck out some of our photos so you know what to expect. Our show is open to all ages, and is the best open mic show in New York City. So we strongly suggest that you come with a full battery and upload all the videos you will capture to Youtube! 

Centerstage this month is:


Ahnu Yahbi

Special Guests


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