Hrsh Reyalitee X Dear Baby (Audio)

So, As you know Hrsh Reyalitee has a album out and it is the hottest thing to talk about right now. So one of the tracks coudln’t make it on the album was re-recordered to be brighter and better. The original track that was recorded by Black Dangerfield and Hrsh Reyalitee on 559 Macon st. Brooklyn, New York. Yes, the original Den is on soundcloud right now. So, although we have moved from the Original grounds of Thee Open Mic, we can hear the sounds of the energy in that place bounce off the track. Peace to Hrsh Reyalitee, and Peace to Black Dangerfield. Peace to their Friendship. Real S*&$^ first, and all that other shit can wait. Enjoy Powerful People. Please Share!

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Hrsh Reyalitee & Black Dangerfield
Hrsh Reyalitee & Black Dangerfield


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