Thee Open Mic X May 29th 2015 X Email for location and Password

Thee Open Mic is a show that changed lives and continues to show its impact everyday. A positive forward progression of f energy made to sustain itself and own in order to sustain others. A market for good incense spirits. This show has been going on for 4 years. From it, some of the Hottest Artist in Brooklyn have blossomed. Join us for Love, build your OWN Pyramid. 

Street Poets NYC presents THEE OPEN MIC: UMOJA, B.

Who: Hrsh Reyalitee, Kevin, Ekhoed Intellekt, Supe The Dude, Kyiah, Kush, Sillage & Affiliates 

What: Thee Open Mic. Powerful Is A Lifestyle Since 2011. Open Mic All Night. Free Drinks All Night. Smoking Section. Featured Poets. Vendors. More. 

When: Friday May 29, 2015 7pm – 2am

Where: E-mail for Location Brooklyn, New York 

Topic for THEE OPEN DISCUSSION THIS MONTH: What about those of us who are still alive? How are we to switch the energy so we fight in the streets for those of us who still need that community love.



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