street poets nyc

This is excellent! A writer for saw Hrsh Reyalitee & Supe The Dude during one of their performances on the subway! Check out the review! Anything that makes you smile. Do not be afraid. You must do what you know is right when it helps the People in a manner that benefits EVERYONE. Do not be afraid. Thank you for this LOVE, people. Word.

Little Big Things in NYC

street poets(photo taken from their FaceBook page) Commuting back and forth to work every day by subway, you gain the ability to create an imaginary bubble around yourself to isolate and block out what is going on and who is around you.  Your bubble blocks out the snoring, the singers and the loud talking passengers.  Within your bubble, you are able to immerse yourself into your email, your Candy Crush and your book.  Your bubble’s shell is so thick that even the peddlers are unable to penetrate it.

Once in a while, something or someone will break through.  It happened to me early in the week.  In my case, it wasn’t immediate.  It took a few seconds of hearing some loud voices for my mind to say, “hey wait, they are saying something worth listening to!”

At first it sounded like another individual preaching and my bubble did its job of blocking her (@HRSHREYALITEE) out.  It wasn’t until a second…

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