Bizzie Monroe – New Music X New Freestyles (Video)


BIZZIE MONROE – Ladies and Gentlemen check out the video from Bizzie Monroe featured in this post. Stay connected to this underground. Bizzie performed during HRSH REYALITEE’s album release party. It was an incredible show and Bizzie shut it down. Artist Supporting Artists!!!

“From childhood days in Poplar Bluff to the days of living in the Empire State, Bizzie has been busy busy busy. Poetry became her first love and was her form of expression until one day the transformation of those melodic words were placed over a hot beat. Life, love and pain is what she speaks but what she lives. Battles are what she does in the Ring of Rap but she’s ready to win the war of the music game. A female rapper she is but it takes true talent to be a lyricists when you’re living in the concrete jungle.

To not just lean on the name of her father, Latrell Sprewell, Bizzie has a desire to create a brand outside her father’s shadow. When it comes to the Rap Game she’s a female Malcolm-X ready to attain by any means necessary.”

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