ArtLovHer Presents: BLOOM


Ladies and Gentlemen, the months are flying by and I kinda LOVE it because I constantly mention ARTLOVHER! Come to this incredible session brought to you by a collective focused on the empowerment of Women. At this point many of you have come out to ArtLovHer and you know how it goes down! Let’s make it happen. Peace Powerful People. -Street Blogger



One thought on “ArtLovHer Presents: BLOOM

  1. Peace and God’s Blessings to all my fellow Poets/Writers/Performers/ and Artists…My stage name is Poetiq1der, I’m from Cypress Hills Brooklyn New York…I’ve been composing Poetry for almost 29 years now. I’ve been performing Poetry on subway for almost 9 years now. I compose Poetry to make even the smallest of a difference in this life…My work can be seen all over the Internet on various sites. My first book of Poetry is entitled: “A Stir Of Echoes From Verses Past” bookstore. I am disabled, but never use that as an excuse to not write, or bitch and moan about life. However, I don’t get a chance to go out much, which is why I’m reaching out to you all in hopes of meeting you gifted people one day, and creating a Masterpiece….Poetiq1der aka Don Poetiq Poet/Writer/Performer/Author Facebook.…I love new and Real Friends, and I love networking when and if I can…The Good Lord make His Face to shine upon you all….and grant you Peace 1 Love


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