#Undeniable ::Young Tef::

Know Your Underground:

Young Tef.


Young Tef is a young female from Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY. Living in New York perusing the dream of being an Entrepreneur by ways Of Branding herself in entertainment industry. Young Tef like many other youth growing up in the inner city streets of America, has had complications with the justice system. After serving time in a government facility, Young Tef realized that there was nothing to gain from that lifestyle. In 2012 Young Tef turned to music and auditioned for the Apollo Theatre and is now one of the acts featured on Apollo Live, Currently being aired on BET. Young Tef has released 2 mix tapes since “Entry” and “Still Doin Me vol.1” and is currently working on her debut EP tilted “Still Doin Me” slated to drop this year 2015. Tef is currently promoting herself and her music on this years Deans List Tour. The tour reaches over 20 cities and 30 different Universities and State Colleges. From the court, to the block, and now to the stage. The world can now get to know Young Tef’s story and life experiences thru thought provoking lyrics, and an electrifying stage performance. To keep up with the latest from Young Tef.


This is footage of Young Tef performing live at HRSH REYALITEE’s album release event. Check out this video:

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