Untamed Talent X HRSH REYALITEE X The Poetry Slam Show!!

Good Morning Powerful People!

This event isn’t until May, but we are getting a head start on letting you know that HRSH REYALITEE is hosting and it’s going to be a Poetry Slam, and the winner is getting up to $500 from Untamed Talent! Who is Untamed Talent you might be asking. Many already know, but for those who do not, Untamed Talent is a collective movement of Growth and Understanding based in Brooklyn, New York. Some of their leaders have worked with Street Poets NYC in the past, and we are continuing to work and build with each other for the future! So, HRSH REYALITEE is hosting with co-host L Banks of iSpitNYC. Do you want to be apart of this? Well, this is also the reason it’s getting started early. We need you to get in contact right now! Contact Distinguished and get right! Thank you for staying tuned to StreetPoetsNYC.com More about his event and Hrsh Reyalitee coming soon! – The Street Blogger




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