ArtLovHer Collective Presents: Inhale (Jan 9th)

Hello and Merry Christmas!

I bring you greetings from right here in Brooklyn, USA. I greet all of you who have been supporting us for some time now and the new members of our family! So, as you know we work very closely over here with the ArtlovHer Collective where Hrsh Reyalitee, (Street Poet) is a member.

ArtLovHer’s mission is to establish a strong presence of women empowerment through the east coast. Discussions, Events, youth outreach, and Live Art are some of the ways that ArtLovHer focuses on Women and the arts. The next show is on January 9th 2015. It’s amazing how quickly this year went by. Let’s get ready for another year of Light and Love, and lots of relaxing. Lots of fun. Lots of learning! Peace. See you in 2015 – The Street Blogger. Contact me at info@StreetPoetsNYC for features and inquires. TO reach Vanessa, email


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