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This was posted to our collective page on Facebook! Thank you all so much for sharing your feelings of injustice with us. This is a serious matter as far as he survival and maintenance of our community.


“Burn Tis Bitch Down!” by: Ashe Hoep Muri

Let That MF Burn, Burn Baby Burn!

Let We speak in truth, the term w-hite people is a lie, tis term was created to divide and confused the already dumb-down minds, also the word racism is a lie of which a french writer wrote the very first time in the 17th century, then criminals belonging to their eugenic program embraced this phrase in 19th century: Now let deal with the sick minds, the 1s who set up a system that they can kill innocent children then walk away free: We’d agree burn that bitch down, although the word bitch is too kind of a word to describe such a state of governing, in truth a bitch is embodiment of black female deities

Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three, said it best in the lyrics “the roof is on Fire”, We don’t need no water, Let the mother fucker burn! “Burn, mother fucker, burn!” Tis 1984 musical lyrics was a billboard hot dance single that reached number 5 on their money making chart & in their dance halls; whenever tis song played, wow-wow the crowd they’d chant in unicity “The roof is on fire”, We don’t need no water…let the mother fucker burn! “Burn, mother fucker, burn!” Tis burning roof is the socio political & socio-economical states along with the antisocial patterns of commerce in the USA

Missouri’s governor & lieutenant governors along with all the governmental so-called officials, the have failed the State of Missouri, where’s the Arrow of justice, oh that’s just for their tel-lie-vision fantasy series whereby they making money off the ideals of justice, wherein tis script is written of a death punishment by an arrow upon corrupted officials & other corrupted members within a city society: In reality, the illegal-legal criminal organization known to be the police, they killing-killing-killing black people like We’re fleas, thus they’re living in society with impunity, their actions incites riots

How can a society be at peace when police are killing,killing, killing & getting away, scot-free, someone stopped & have their hands up in the air, then the police fired & killed, that’s murder, the court was to decided whether Mike Brown was guilty of a crime, then sentence accordingly, when the police choose to carry out a death sentence cause of ego flaring, that act is criminal, then when a bias ruling panel see no issue of error pattern, tis shit will happen again & again: Hearing the scenario make you feel sad & depress Yet dat’s the system the beings of induced carbon been living with for too many years

Michael Brown’s stepfather just like all who are of Induced Carbon & living on this globe; We’re feeling the pain and sorrow of this inhuman action by lying system of injustice: Tis world is ripe for another Wat Tyler, just like the 1381 peasants revolt English leader: The state of St.Louis should be indicted for inciting a riot and social unrest, this shit be happen for a very long time, even in the days of Marcus Garvey: 1917 2nd of July & East St. Louis riots; Garvey did expressed as “one of the bloodiest outrages against mankind”; 2014 & nothing have changed they killing We the same

As We Continue:
Ashe Hotep Muri 2014 UK


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