Nicci & Nicole X b. movement (New Moves.)

What is the b. movement? b.Girl Movement is an internet-based company geared towards producinga web series, live events, apparel, and written works (i.e. blogs and published books) made for and by women, in general, and black and brown girls, in particular.

It is so important for the world to get a well rounded view of black and brown girls. This importance has grown due to the lack of correct information given via our more popular sources such as; television, print media, social media, etc. Black and Brown girls are being the most left behind gems of our time. This is unfortunate because where would we be without our Mothers? the Women leaders that have made a way for women and men? We would be no where. Now is the time to make it more evident than ever that the unity of black and brown women is of the essence to save the world. No exaggeration. Follow these young Women and learn form them. Build with them. We hope they join with us one time and we can show each other the support, we both need. Brown Girls Unite. – The Street Blogger

Check out the series!

Who are the b.Girls behind the Movement? Take a look at b.Girls Nicci & Nicole

Just b…girl
Like the movement on Facebook @b.Girl Movement and Follow on Twitter @MybGirlMovement and on Instagram @bgirlmovement


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