When Will We Have Enough?

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The Queendom: KUSH

gf intervention

Last night, the Lifetime network premiered a brand new show titled “Girlfriend Intervention”. The show features four established black women, who coach other non black women on how to be more hip,stylish and have the “confidence” of a black women.

It begins with former Bad Girls Club member Tanisha Thomas declaring that “trapped inside of every white girl, is black girl waiting to bust out”….wait, what??….. If that was your initial reaction after reading that sentence, then just imagine hearing it said on national television.

The show is a makeover show that is very similar to every other makeover show, taking women who may have a bland/boring style and giving them a brand new look. Except this show takes what they call “basic women” (mainly white women) also known as a “BW” and makes them into a “bootylicious babe” in other words teaches them how to be more Black. Tanisha…

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