The 3rd World City Of America: It Could Be Any Of Us

You wouldn’t believe what Life is really dealing folk.

The Queendom: KUSH


protest water

For the past six weeks, over 4,000 of residents living in the city of Detroit have been without running water as a part of the city’s program to cut off the water to residents who haven’t been keeping up with water payments and are more than $150 in debt. The inability for the water department to collect water bills on time undermines the financial stability of the water department, and forces higher rates on customers who pay, some water officials have stated according to the Detroit Free Press.

Darryl Latimer,deputy director of the water department said many residents who receive shutoff notices do not contact the city for help in paying their bills. Though he did acknowledge that the department does not have the staff to visit those people before contractors are sent out to disconnect the water. (So wouldn’t asking for help seem pointless if they are unable or…

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