Food Is The Killer! Food Is The Cure!

As you know Kush is a Journalist. She’s worked with the likes of The Amsterdamn News and more. She has started her independent Brand ‘Street Voices’ and now she is working to get out the things that matter to us. Check out this article and a lot more. Much Peace. Folow Kush on Instagram: @Kush_queendom

The Queendom: KUSH


As a writer and all around lover of knowledge, I read tons of things and pick up bits of information here and there, as I am sometimes referred to an encyclopedia (lol). My latest and probably longest area of research has been the dreaded topic of cancer. As many people already know, it is one of the fastest growing diseases in the US, and with so many different types of cancer, and the different things that cause it, each one has its own unique treatment. According to, along with what I have been told, and read, many doctors prefer to tell their patients that the main causes of cancer is genetic, caused by heavy tobacco usage, or obesity. Which is all VERY true, but they sometimes forget to mention that BIG part about processed meats, monosodium glutamate, GMO, food colorings, artificial sweeteners, red meats, and  pesticides sprayed on fruits/…

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