Break Out Of Your Mind And Be Free!

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The Queendom: KUSH


Can a person’s state of mind be EVERYTHING? Yes, And most times when people feel like they’re being held back by a certain circumstance like unemployment, or family, and most importantly “the system”   they are not. The only thing that truly holds humans back is our mind. Unless of course you’re physically jailed, if not NOTHING holds you back. And I am so tired of hearing otherwise…to hell with the damn excuses. 

If you are an able bodied man or woman with good health, you’re capable of anything. The world can be at your finger tips if you believe it and will it.  A lot of times when things happen to us that we didn’t expect or plan for, we as humans can get thrown off track,  we get discouraged, let down, lose faith, let other people distract us, which makes us feel as if we can not continue…

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