Sillage X Food For The Horn X #BklynOpenMic

#StreetPoetNews: Sillage



Food For The Horn

June 28th 4pm – 7pm

National Opera Center (in Chelsea)  330 7th Ave. New York, New York



Street Poet, Sillage is apart of board of directors for a non profit organization called ‘Be Gr8 Foundation’. Her organization is set to hold their signature OPEN MIC and workshop in Harlem called Food For The Horns. The workshop portion of the initiative takes place on a seperate day aside from the open mic (Please Contact Sillage directly at to be apart).

However, the workshops will include spoken word development for the youth. The goal is to help the youth of Harlem with their writing while teaching them the importance of helping others. The OPEN MIC that will conclude is open to the public to come and join in. The show is equipped with some of the most seasoned underground Poets and Emcee in the Harlem area. The OPEN MIC is going down on June 28th.


Learn more about the Be Gr8 Foundation from the official website:


Here is a picture from a past Food for the horns workshop:


Here are the people who paid it possible:








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