Simply done by HRSH REYALITEE

Thee Open Mic is on Friday #May30th! My #Birthday!

I just be riding the train.
Broken and black.
shooting the breeze watching it all bleed out.
Standing at the top of a mountain.
Remembering the rivers flow to keep me safe….
So I palm my face.
Taste My Seas
and pluck lines like these, and hope they comfort me
like they come for me.
While I just be… riding the train
Jumping car to car like a dedicated prostitute.
I give my all to you.
In hopes for some change or
…some change.

And like those two words some cars are the same
like me…
Getting there as fast as I can with my friend with slushy feet.
Be careful in these streets!
Count your blessings and don’t miss a beat.

thump of your heart is a market of good intention.
You are a target but bad shooters are among us.
Aiming for things unseen that will take us off our feet
and the lining of our bellies.
We throw up from Police.

They give me policies that I can beat because obviously…

I be training all day.
I been training all day tho’
I’m gon’ be training most today.
I saw God riding the train,
put money in my hat.
Made me promise when I get board of playing these games to give the pieces back.
So I got aboard the train to put my pieces back.
Before I fall to pieces, I need a piece of that.

Some peace to keep my scene serene
Same dealer, so I know my drugs are clean
I still keep leaves for that.
I still believe in that.
Drinking the wine form time to time and clearing my cup so my mug is fine.

Can’t hold onto things that can weigh my face like magazine covers.
Can’t let them make me feel ugly
because when time calls for me to be like the vase and hit the floor.
They’ll say some shit like get a broom.

-HRSH REYALITEE ( #TrainingDays IG: @HrshReyalitee TWEET: @Hrsh Reyalitee

This month on Friday MAy 30th I am celebrating My birthday at the LAST Street Poets Den event B-)
This month on Friday MAy 30th I am celebrating My birthday at the LAST Street Poets Den event B-)




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