Hrsh Reyalitee Part 3 (Poem)

Poetry by: Hrsh Reyalitee

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Hrsh Reyalitee

I just want to be the match

to spark

Your cigarette.


or your thought.

To get people to talk.

Like this…

Then get our feet to walk..Reminisce

I remember the way I was taught.

The trears I’ve given that couldn’t be tasted or traced to sweet.

The treats that have rotted teeth to me!  …because I don’t see those smiles how I use to.

So many faces  including my own that are drowning from the arm that I’ve lended.

I should of let or never given to begin with.

I was going to tell my sheets the truth about my system but I looked at my system.

My shit stinks, and my facts could clear a room.

I didn’t know it was so bad until she told me my ass stunk.

Not from lacks of washing but

my spirit is coming through my pores.

I am no angel.


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