S.W.A.G. Open Mic is #May10th

Yo! Since Ageless Poet found his way to Arts East New York (@ARTsEastNewYork) magic has been happening. Seriously, magic! The gallery has transformed in a major way. They now have a new series running called the Neon Project and Ageless is heading up this project. This was a great judgement call on the leadership of the gallery because #Powerful recognizes #Powerful. I applaud them for recognizing greatness when they see it. The neon project is geared to help young inner city youth follow through with their dreams of being an engineer in the music industry. Notice how I said “Follow through”, and this is because they will ACTUALLY be an engineer on a major project at the conclusion of the workshop. 


Dude. Swag on May 10th. Swag Open Mic. That is just another reason why you should be there too…. 

Powerful Is A Lifestyle. We do live it.


Follow Ageless on Twitter @SWAGOpenMic – Official Website 



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