Ladies and Gentlemen Sillage made her big announcement today that she has been accepted and will be pursuing her MBA at University of Cambridge! Yes, your eyes are not fooling you this time. Cambridge! As you know Sillage is the creator of Meraki Magazine, a talented singer, songwriter, musician, and member of the Street Poets Artistry Collective. So there is really no surprise that Cambridge is also a fan of her academic achievements.  #Follow Sillage @Rhyme_Slow


Now more about her magazine, Meraki Magazine. It is an online platform to bridge the creative gap between the continental Africa and the Diaspora. It is a central location for all Africans to observe, support, publicize and engage in every creative form of expression. Submit your art (music, fashion, poetry, literature, dance, etc) to to be featured in The Magazine section of the website!

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We want to keep everyone up to date on all the Power things that are going on. This is so much of a big deal that if it could fit in a glass, the glass would just float in it like an ocean. We are so excited and proud of peer, Sillage. So excited about how she’s going to shake up the United Kingdoms. (Whoa.) 



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