Street Poets NYC presents…

THEE OPEN MIC: Forward March

The Street Poets Den is known for taking place at secret locations, building that you’d have to know where your going to find it. However, every month we come out hundreds at a time to show ART, LOVE, VIBRATION, and LIFE (also, the drinks are Free. Still.). This is because the underground movement lives on. We have issues, interest, goals, and more that we need to share, put in place, and act on to make our communities better. it starts with lading by example; this is the best way to teach and learn!

Even the Street Poets are shocked and growing personally from the experiences that are lived at THEE OPEN MIC. This is more than a show. This exists because we need a place where we can belong, a place that can’t be taken from us. Who is US? Underground Artist that are coming with a message, family, and friends. No one is ever left out. We just plan to continue to provide a safe space for you to come enjoy, express, live, and LOVE…openly. 

-The Street Blogger. 


Please email us now at! We are responding to you LIVE! Please allow 24 hours for the reply, we will answer EVERYONE who emails!

The Street Poets Den TIMELINE

2011 – 2012

Early 2013

Late 2013 – 2014


YOU’LL SEE COME MARCH 28th 2014!!!


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