Powerful Performance By Kofi Genfi & Sisi Nike #LiveInTheeDen

The Undoubted Reprise || Kofi Genfi x Sisi Nike
#LiveInTheeDen | January 31,2014


Meet The Performers

Sisi Nike

Jane Of All Trades Sisi Nike is a make-up artist based out of the NY metro area. She is driven by a strong, relentless work ethic that challenges her to continuously perfect her craft. Make-up artistry is her way to infuse beauty and glamour in every moment. It is with a keen sense of detail and construction that Sisi creates her signature brows for her clients. Also known for her impeccable highlighting and contouring techniques, Sisi embraces the light and knows how to play upon the beautiful features on a canvas.

Beyond the makeup brushes, Sisi is also a candidate for a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in colloidal chemistry and its applications in cosmetics. Her technical skills in science allow her to explore cosmetics differently and understand it’s infinite possibilities. Whether it’s media appearances, editorial photoshoots, brand campaigns or a wedding day, working with Sisi will be an experience filled with productivity, inspiration and organic chemistry.

Twitter:@MyModestMouth | Instagram: @Sisi_Nike 





Kofi G

Kofi Genfi is a multi-talented artist who started his artistry through spoken word poetry and motivational talks. A historian in his own right, through his literary pieces he highlights the forgotten stories of the world, while transcending the often times marginalized groups that he delineates in his work. Kofi aspires to leave an indelible mark on the way in which we discuss race, gender and poverty through his literary work.

Genfi quickly fell in love with directing short films and videos giving life to his written works through visual representation. Genfi eloquently illustrates the lives of others with reverence and respect for people’s personal narratives and stories within their community. Kofi Genfi has an uncanny ability of making foreign stories relatable to all persons.  Genfi’s objective is to bring the world closer through written and visual art, showing us that all our destinies are interwoven.

Twitter: @KofiGenfi  | Instagram: @KofiGenfi | Youtube

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