Laurent Luke X Soulfood Society

Laurent Luke



Luke has been singing since age 11, he never imagined his music being received on this scale. Where ever he goes once listeners hear his music they are willing to come out of their pockets to purchase a CD for any amount, as long as they leave with the CD. He writes and that’s what puts him in a unique group of artists. Some artists have to pull out a boat load of energy to write a hit record, catchy lyrics and smooth melodies come naturally for Luke. He works everyday at his craft, “even if I just came from rehearsal I get home and work on my vocal exercises. Its a non-stop process. Sometimes, I just take a day and I sit watching youtube, James Brown live performances, or Teddy P go to work on a crowd, or the late Michael Jackson’s Charisma in an intense show”. I’m young but wise, and wisdom is learning how to watch other great artists and then enhance what they do. His music is doing its work, “I barely have any performances, yet plenty of people know me simply because they heard my music from a friend”. Lukes goal as an artist in this industry is to prove hit records don’t just have to be all about physicality, music can make you feel sensual on the outside and stimulated on the inside.




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