With an unappeasable appetite for success, the Harlem-bred Lyricist, aptly named Hungry HD, is setting to take the music industry by storm. Life has never come easy for the calmly confident, slick-tongued MC, but Hungry has never used it as an excuse not to succeed. Choosing to be the first college graduate in his family, he would complete his bachelor’s degree at Johnson & Wales University and upon graduating decided to pursue his dream with a vengeance. “In a matter of three weeks” Hungry recalls, “I had recorded a 14 track mixtape and had it circulating the streets. I was really starting to create a little buzz for myself.” But tragedy would strike, bringing his dreams of rap stardom to an abrupt halt. “Man I hadn’t been home four months yet” says Hungry, “The timing just couldn’t have been worse.” Hungry had started to experience severe muscle atrophies in shoulders, legs and eventually his whole body that caused him to lose movement in his arms and eventually the ability to walk. He would spend the next 3 years in and out of hospitals receiving treatment and therapy. Strength, Loyalty, Focus would come to mean more than just words inked in Japanese letters on the young MC’s neck. Instead of breaking his spirits, those 3 lost years only fueled his hunger for success.

Hungry released his debut mixtape “No Thanx 2 You” hosted by DJ Suss One in 2011 and within months it has received over 25k downloads through alone. The Mixtape also garnered him features on as well as Rhymes & Dimes and Hip Hop Weekly Magazines. Hungry is currently putting the finishing touches on the second installment to the No Thanx 2 You series, aptly titled “Modesty’s End”. The street anthem “Maple Fudge” is creatively crafted, playing just as raw as the name sounds. It pays serious homage to that authentic 90’s NYC hip-hop we all love and miss without being so nostalgic that it sounds outdated. Visit HUNGRYHD.COM for full info.

via Reverbnation


Peep Hungry HD now HERE





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