DEAD MC Society

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Dead MC Socie†, often abbreviated to DMS, or the Society, is an American hip hop collective, formed in New York City, New York. The collective consists of rappers Jo-Higgz, Young Impetuous, Franky Mason, and Gold1n, as well as non-musical members, most notably, Phantom Photo, Moon, and Soul.



There are multiple groups within the collective, including: Grey Jesus, The Triumvirate, and Plataño Pride. Dead MC Society also runs the clothing line aCross, which can be found in stores such as Goliath NYC and The City Don’t Sleep. Respect magazine described them thus, “The chaotic cohesion of Dead MC Society is unrivaled, each character, with his own flagrant eccentricities.  Fearless in their approach, they usher a new era of hip-hop that is reminiscent of the mid-90’s, ‘no f*cks given attitude’.”

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Sean McCormick





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